Baked Pork Chops & More

Baked Thin Pork Chops

Well Hello there! I hope your ready for a beautiful & tasty recipe that is so exceptionally easy to make & easy on the pocket! Double Whammy! Minimal ingredients plus minimal work equals a delish dinner on the table in less than hour.

I discovered this in my fave online app. Ah Haha, You know it too ~ Pinterest! Scrumptious ideas created and shared by culinary lovelies everywhere! Yuummm! But hey, let me stay on track here and get back to DINNER!

The original version belongs to Vicki over at Avocado Pesto; you really should check her out! This recipe is a family tradition passed down a few generations, from her mother & grandmother! And she has gluten free suggestions folks! 

Time tested! Taste tested! And now, MY family 100% approved

There are only four – repeat 1-2-3-4 ingredients. You seriously can not go wrong making this. Thin pork chops topped with mayo, onion and cheddar cheese come together deliciously. Baked @ 350. Effortless never tasted so good!

Here are my thin breakfast chops. She is adamant to use thin pork chops, “The thinner the better”. This sparked a happy dance on my end as while shopping I mistakenly picked up breakfast cut chops!

Did you know there was a difference between Thin cut and Breakfast cut?  Well, Welcome me to the land of Duh!1205171751

As instructed, even though these are super duper thin, I still tenderized with a meat hammer.


In this snap, the breakfast cut chops are seasoned with salt, pepper and sprinkled with dehydrated minced onion. (Did you cringe while reading that?) Usually, I have onions EXCEPT of course last night. And ordinarily, I wouldn’t use minced dehydrated onion but it worked in a pinch.


Not to mention it kept this lazy girl from a road trip to the store. (Yay)


Okay, confession time… I kinda panicked seeing how thin these exactly were. You know that feeling of “Oh Shit, there isn’t enough for everybody feeling”? Ya, decided last-minute to make a couple of sides just to be safe. Better to have too much than not enough, right? And wouldn’t you know it, my multi-tasking skills were so off yesterday there is only one single picture of the *bonus* recipes which happens to be my plate! Gotta work on that picture thing! LOL! But you can see more pics in the referring links below; no worries.

Feast your eyes! Simple home comfort! Thin baked cheesy & juicy pork chops, left-over cornbread sage dressing w/ gravy, parmesan peas, french onion rice accompanied with brown n serve dinner rolls! I’d say I had nothing to be worried about in the quantity department too!



BTW, These turned out amazing! Both *bonus* recipes turned out fantastic too! Both were Capital ‘E’ Easy & made with basic pantry staples. Whip up these sides in a frenzy for unexpected dinner guests to ensure you have plenty to go around!

French Onion Rice by Seduction in the KitchenParmesan Peas by Ezra Pound Cake. Each are extraordinarily talented and have provided me with much inspiration on multiple occasions!

Hope you enjoy!

Til Next Time ~

Domesticated Rebellion

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